This page is for the AP Environmental Science class at Northwest High School.  Here you will find useful links, current events and other information to help with the class.  Homework and other assignments will also be posted here.

Ok, so you might be in a panic after the practice test.  Don’t be.  It’s a good example of what the test will be like because it’s actually written by the AP College Board.  It’s probably the best example of the multiple choice section of the exam.

So, you also might have discovered we have a lot of material to go over yet.  It can be done!  You might also have experienced fatigue and despair during the test.  That is also part of what we have to overcome before May.  It’s like running a marathon!!   We’ll be in training leading up to the test in May! I’ll be going over strategies to help with that.   We will do much more practice during the semester to get your endurance built up.

Check the pages to the left for a schedule of what we will be doing both in and out of class to get where we need to be.  Start work immediately on the materials on those pages.  Work ahead if you want.  I strongly encourage  you to do so.  You now have a good idea of which areas you need the most help in.  I will be working with you to help you through those areas.

Here is the link to the companion site for the book:


Link for the companion site for An Inconvenient Truth

Ok, here’s the link for the awareness test!  Enjoy!


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