Chemistry Links

This page will have helpful links for chemistry.  Periodic table links are on a separate page.

Drill and practice: All types of chemistry problems are found here. Scott Braumer of Widener University maintains this page.

These three links are from a general chemistry online course. They include notes, lecture slides, and tutorials and quizzes. Every subject in chemistry is covered.

companion note index

Lecture slide list

Here are some tutorials and quizzes and other material that might help


Chemguide has tutorials for everything in chemistry. There are nice explanations for nearly every topic. Clearly written with good examples

Very nice flash animation tutorials for any topic in chemistry. Some useful tutorials for physics or astronomy, too. WW Norton and company produced these tutorials for their text, Chemistry: The Science in Context

Electron configuration links

Following are links that will help with electron configuration and visualizing orbitals

The Orbitron web site.  Excellent graphics illustrating all known (and many unknown!) orbital configurations.  Wave equations and electron density plots are also provided.  Best graphics for orbitals I’ve seen.

For electron configurations, you can’t beat the ACS periodic table on the links page to the left.  Click on the electron configuration tab once it’s loaded up.  It’s also useful to view the s, p, d, and f blocks by clicking on groups, then blocks on the opening page of the ACS table.

spectra links

Emission spectra examples

Applet to show spectra from different sources

Visual Quantum Mechanics

Physlet Illustration: Emission in the Bohr Model

Periodic table showing emission or absorption spectra for any element

general physics applets

Hydrogen atom simulation particle and wave models used

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